All About Me
By Anam Fatima 
Anam Fatima is my name,
Don’t you dare call it lame!
I’ve lived ten years long,
My home is on Hong Kong.
I love to eat candy, 
Even though it doesn’t come in handy!
I love to cook,
And read books.
I’m quite tall
But always fall
In my family, I’m the sporty one
I’m also the only one who hates bun,
I’m the middle child,
I’m also quite wild,
My sisters mean a lot to me
Although sometimes they’re like bees
My mom is a supermom 
My family is the best
We have our own little nest



If I was a glow worm I’d never be sad Because who can be sad when the sun glows out of your bum.


“It’s too BRIGHT”

And soo…

“I had to take everything i bought away from her stuff and threw ém away.

I came back to school and she said the same thing,

I’ve got no bright side in my life!”

I said, “Told ya… you needed those lights!”